Twin Town Partnership

The aim of co-operation between twin towns is initiating, developing and enlivening friendship relationships with Skawina twin towns in order to contribute to lasting friendship and co-operation between the citizens of the towns. These are being brought to life by local authorities and Skawina Twinning Association (Skawińskie Stowarzyszenie Partnerstwa Miast) - formally established in 1997, by informing about history, social and political events in the twin towns, life of the citizens and local institutions and organizations.

Co-operation between the twin towns leads to initiation and support of mutual visits of the citizens and to meetings of the youth, sports and tourist groups, acquainting with the local authority of the towns, organizing of common exhibitions and symposiums. These activities aim at cozening to the citizens of Skawina and the twin towns to the culture and tradition of the partners.

Education and culture over the boarders

From 1st to 4th December an official delegation of representatives of Skawina consisting of: Chairman of Skawina Twinning Association Sergiusz Romański, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor responsible for promotion and twin towns Magdalena Turkawska, and teachers from schools: Olga Biedrawa (Primary School Nr 1) and Arkadiusz Wrzoszczyk (Primary School Nr 4) stayed in Skawina’s Czech Twin Town Roztoky. The purpose of the visit was strengthening co-operation between the towns via intensification of actions aiming at international exchange of children and the youth, participation in cultural life of both towns and  exchange of experience in the field of education and upbringing.
Delegation on Hürth International

Bukovinské Meetings in Turčianske Teplice

Part of the county of Rhein - Erft - Kreis Hürth borders with Cologne on the East. Archaeological discoveries show that there were settlements on the area of the present day town in prehistoric times.
The town of Turčianske Teplice is in the southern part of the Turčianska valley 518 metres above the sea level, lying between the Velka Fatra, the Mala Fatra...
Thetford is situated in the centre of East Anglia around 30 miles from Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich, 50 miles from the coast and 80 miles from London.
Situated on the northern outskirts of Prague, the town lies on the left side of the Vltava river about 8 kilometres from Prague. First mentioned in 1233...
From archeological discoveries it is known that these territories were already inhabited in prehistoric times. Cluana, as the present Civitanova was called...
Polish sources explain that the origin of the town’s name comes from the words "glory" and "industry", which means "glory to the industry"...
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