Twin towns: Przemyślany

Population ca. 7500 (in the region of Przemyślany 47 700)

Polish sources explain that the origin of the town’s name comes from the words "glory" and "industry", which means "glory to the industry". It is probable that on one of Polish –  Lithuanian gentleman’s initiative a process of settlement of the territory began.

At the end of 17th century with the financial help of Potocki family the Dominican order was established. It is thought that it was then that the friars built a huge defensive church under the call of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, which was consecrated by the Archbishop Jan Skarbek in 1730.

In 1722 Przemyślany was still a small provincial town. In the middle of 19th century there were 372 households and 3 000 inhabitants. Alfred Potocki was the main landowner in Przemyślany – he owned 647 hectares. Since 1860 the town has been a county centre. At the end of 19th century there was one Polish school and one private bee-keeping school. In 1909 a railway station Lwow - Potutory (Podhajce) was built, which had a positive impact on the town’s economy. Przemyślany became one of the wood delivery centres.

Local economy of Przemyślany is based among others on wood industry. The priceless natural resources of the region are woods on the basis of which many furniture factories, sawmills and factories producing parquet in the town function. Przemyślany region is located in a very attractive tourist area which has not only nature but also culture and religious values.

Twin towns:
2008 Skawina (Polska)

The Mayor of Przemyślany:
Petro Buchok

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