Delegation on Hürth International

Like every year delegations from twin towns met on the occasion of Hürth International. Among the invited guests were delegations from France, the Netherlands, Kenya, the UK and Poland.

Skawina was represented by the Councillors of the Town and Commune: Anna W±sowicz, Grzegorz Gruca and Grzegorz Wasyl, as well as representatives of Skawina Twinnig Association Committee: Grażyna Wójcik and Sergiusz Romański.

During the celebration of Hürth International numerous meetings with representatives of twin towns took place, during which there was a chance to exchange experience and ideas for further co-operation. The artistic part which consisted of music and dancing performances presented by various countries was very charming.

During our stay in Germany the hosts told us about their plans of establishing co-operation with Turkey. Thanking for warm welcome we expressed hope that we will soon meet, this time in Poland during annual Skawina Days in June 2010.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

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